Careers at Bazaar Express

As Bazaar Express Family; we focus on people, believe in open communication, support creative ideas, and develop by sharing our knowledge and experience.

Bazaar Express sees its employees, producers, and suppliers as family members who come together for the same goal. This family is connected by strong and intimate bonds. Everyone works collaboratively to achieve the best, highest quality, and most successful results.

Our goal is for each person, as they are, to develop their full potential as part of a diverse, creative and innovative team.

Our Human Resources Mission

  • To continue the Human Resources policies and practices that will contribute to the achievement of the company's goals,
  • Increasing the efficiency of the organization with effective selection and placement that will serve the company values, corporate culture and strategic purposes of the company,
  • To maintain the fair wages and fringe benefits policy,
  • To train the leaders of the future by identifying the needs in line with the company goals and taking the necessary actions for the training and career development plans of the employees,
  • To increase employee satisfaction and loyalty to the company.

Success-Oriented Performance Management

Bazaar Express aims to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of corporate and individual work, using fair and objective criteria, in order to achieve its strategic goals determined in line with its vision, and to ensure that the resulting success is rewarded. A competency framework consisting of basic, functional and managerial competencies has been designed and included in the performance management system in order to focus not only on “what” but “how” it is done while realizing the objectives, and to monitor the behaviors that feed the company culture.

Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty Management

Employee loyalty and satisfaction are regularly measured by independent companies in order to receive employee feedback and determine actions that will increase employee loyalty, and the results are evaluated in terms of commitment, leadership, performance culture and employee experience.


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